Give an escape room in a Rombobox

1. Choose a Rombobox

Choose one of the two magic boxes, for one of the single rooms (up to 5 people) or for the Rombate (2 rooms / up to 10 people). The Rombobox will be the first enigma to solve. There’s only one way to open it. Will they find out?

2. How does it work?

The box contains a note from The Rombo Code with a code and the instructions to exchange it for a escape game in a room for up to 5 people (69€, VAT included) or the Rombate mode: up to 10 people in 2 rooms (129€, VAT included)

3. Delivery address

Select the delivery address. We can deliver it to the billing address or to a different address if you want us to deliver it directly to the person who you want to gift it to

4. Options

Do you want to include a personalised message? Use the option to leave a greetings card. We will include it inside the box along with the gift voucher

Delivery time is 72h within the Iberian Peninsula. Please note the gift voucher is only valid for The Rombo Code Madrid


You just need to follow the booking process as if it was for you. Just tick the gift voucher box. Once you book it, you will receive an email with the voucher. Don’t you worry, we will use a format you can easily print or forward to the person who you want to gift it to. Enjoy!